Stage your home for less than $500!

By Kristy Ehman Created on Thu Oct 29, 2015
Before putting the ‘for sale’ sign on your front lawn consider these tips…

Make it sexy from the front!
Invest the time in a full yard clean-up: rake leaves, mow your lawn, prune the trees and remove any unneeded items visible around the property. When the snow falls keep your driveway clear and all walkways around your property shovelled.

Show the buyer where to put his clutter!
Clean out your closets and showcase the storage areas by keeping them organized and clear of extra ‘stuff’. This helps buyers visualize where they can put their clutter instead of looking at yours. 

Love your walls!
Soapy water and a cloth. That’s all you need to scrub down your walls before splashing on a new coat of paint. Particularly in the high-traffic areas (hallways to kid’s bedrooms and the mud room).

Squeeky clean!
A hands & knees kind of clean (bathrooms, kitchen and flooring – carpet cleaning is a must!)

Light it up!
Invest in a few extra lamps for around the home… and leave them on for showings. Lighting creates a very welcoming space for buyers.

Dress it up for the photo shoot!
Remove all vehicles from the driveway and front of the home so the photos are strictly of the property. Tilt open your window treatments and turn on the lights for photos. Make the beds (and pull some extra pillows out of the closet to enhance the look of the bedrooms).

Rearrange your furniture!
Rooms should have a distinct and useful purpose. Avoid turning your bedroom into an office and your kid’s room into a playroom. A well staged room invites buyers in and helps them see past the seller’s possessions to the layout and square footage.

Just a few ideas to transform YOUR HOME TO SHOW HOME.