Designing Your Master Bedroom

By Kristy Ehman Created on Thu Apr 7, 2016
What is a good starting point for a master suite design?

Choose where your bed will be placed – often wherever the headboard is placed is your ‘feature’ wall. A stunning headboard or captivating artwork can be used to highlight this wall. Window treatments should never be ignored. While stationary drapery panels are a possibility, an optional blackout feature in your blinds is a must have! (there are many health benefits to a better night sleep with complete darkness and white noise added in).

How do you choose colour?

Master bedrooms are a great place to personalize! Many homeowners choose to select a different paint color for their suite than the main color used in the rest of the home. A ‘master retreat’ can be created by using fresh and welcoming colors… a place to resort to at the end of the day. Soft accents in teals, creams, whites and/or smooth greys will help you unwind and prepare to sleep.

Is it good to incorporate extra seating?

If the room lends enough space for an accent chair or chaise, absolutely! Draping a soft throw blanket over one corner can really add to the relaxed feel you’re hoping to achieve in your suite.

Do you like to use a mixture of lighting?

Absolutely. The BIGGEST thing to consider when it comes to lighting – put your switches on dimmers! The largest mistake homeowners make is to just use the basic light switch that was installed by the builder. Invest in dimmers for both your overhead lights and night table lamps. If sconces can be installed, this is a great way to highlight artwork or angled to use as a night light for reading.

What do you think about non-matching elements, like two different night side tables or lamps?

This gave me goose bumps… does that answer the question? Don’t get me wrong, done properly, I love an eclectic look. It can be difficult to pull off. If you’re going for eclectic, try to incorporate one of each item instead of two (ie. night tables, lamps and artwork).

How do you tackle very large rooms?

Please don’t place a double or twin bed in your large master bedroom and try to fill the room with other pieces to keep it from looking empty. Invest in a king bed – you won’t regret it! Add a bench under the window or at the foot of your bed. Installing draperies can also soften a room – no need to install a large rod across the length of the window. Two stationary panels will do the trick.

How do you tackle very small rooms?

With simplicity. Make the most use of your closet space. Investing in a professionally organized closet will make the world of difference. if extra dressers and storage units can be eliminated from the room then the bed can be properly placed in the room with one or two night tables and lamps. Appropriately sized artwork hung at the right height around the room will make a positive impact on the space.

What are nice ways for homeowners to add personal touches to the room?

A mounted electrical fireplace is a great way to add warmth and create an intimate environment. Most of these have the option have the flame going with or without providing heat. A beautifully framed family or vacation photo can really personalize the space. Add pops of your favorite color in the bedding (sheets, accent cushions or throw). Incorporating a piece of furniture that was handed down from your parents or grandparents can be very meaningful. These pieces can feel more modern by placing a newer lamp or décor on top.